Hackett and Crimson Swamp UMaine

Ten Marks Set in Record Deluge

Pool records fell in all but one swimming event, Maine pulled off a major upset in the medley relay, but in the end it was Harvard's depth that proved decisive as the Crimson handed the shaved Maniacs a 72-41 defeat before a boisterous, upset-minded crowd at Wallace Pool in Orono last evening.

Harvard found itself behind, 7-0, for the first time this season after the relay, but Bobby Hackett immediately remedied the situation with consecutive wins in the 1000 (9:18) and 200 (1:42.5) freestyles.

Maine took the 50 freestyle, then David Lundberg and Steve Schramm led sweeps in the 200 individual medley and one-meter diving, respectively, to give the Crimson the lead for good after six events, 33-19.

Freshman sensation Lundberg continued his record-breaking habits later in the 200 breaststroke, lowering his own University standard and shattering the Black Bears' pool record with a smooth 2:07.00.

Maine, seeking fast pre-vacation times, decided beforehand that everyone on their team would shave (everything below their necks and outside their suits) for the meet.


Individual Medley

This tactic is usually reserved for post-season championship competition. The physiological and psychological stimulation provided by competing with hairless arms and legs invariably leads to faster than normal times.

"They were ready for us," Harvard coach Joe Bernal said afterwards, "and we saw some great early-season performances. I was really pleased with the way we came back right away after the relay, especially considering how many freshmen we have on the team."

Individual Swim Meet Results


at Orono, Maine

400-yd. Medley Relay--1. MAINE 3:32.21 (pool record), 2. HARVARD (Seelen, Lundberg, Gauthier, Verdin) 3:32.25 1000 freestyle--1. Hackett (H) 9:18.8 (pool record), 2. Countryman (H) 9:37.6, 3. Martin (M) 9:45.4 200 freestyle--1. Hackett (H) 1:42.5 (pool record), 2. Farragher (M) 1:42.97, 3. Maximoff (H) 1:45.5 50 freestyle--1. Marshall (M) 21.7 (pool record), 2. Carbone (H) 22.0, 3. Ferenczy (M) 22.4 200 Individual Medley--1. Lundberg (H) 1:55.8 (pool record), 2. Raikula (H) 1:57.0, 3. Wells (M) 2:00.6

One-meter Diving--1. Steve Schramm (H) 299.45, 2. Mule (H) 263.95, 3. Schultz (M) 214.90 200 butterfly--1. Maximoff (H) 1:55.4 (pool record). 2. McCarthy (M) 1:57.9, 3. Knoepffler (H) 1:58.2 100 freestyle--1. Marshall (M) 46.6 (pool record), 2. Gauthier (H) 47.7, 3. Ferenczy (M) 48.9 200 backstroke--1. Raikula (H) 1:55.5 (pool record), 2. Farragher (M) 1:56.8, 3. Eppinger (M) 2:00.3

500 freestyle--1. Countryman (H) 4:40.4, 2. Martin (M) 4:42.2, 3. Merrill (M) 4:49.2 200 breaststroke--1. Lundberg (H) 2:07.00 (pool and Harvard University record. Old mark 2:07.45 by Lundberg 12/1/79), 2. Wells (M) 2:09.0, 3. Traub (M) 2:17.03 Three-meter Diving--1. Schramm (H) 294.35, 2. Mule (H) 272.25, 3. Strachan (M) 209.90 400 Freestyle Relay--1. HARVARD (Seelen, Carbone Gauthier, Hackett) 3:09.93 (pool record)