Stickwomen Burn Brown As Worsley Gets Shutout

The Crimson stickwomen gained sweet revenge in Providence this past Saturday when their airtight defense enabled them to notch their first-ever victory over Brown, in a 9-0 romp.

Carole Kleinfelder had prepared her team for a tough game against Brown's eight-man zone. The laxwomen went after the Bruins with everything they had for the full 40 minutes. By outhustling the frustrated Brown squad, the Crimson were able to notch 35 ground ball possessions and keep the Bruins out of scoring distance for most of the game.

Not to be completely outshone, the Crimson offense did its job, too. Versatile Sarah Mleczko scored the game's first point when she came from behind the goal, powered her way past the two defenders and drove the ball into the goal.

Brown was able to limit the Crimson to one goal in the first half by employing its tough zone defense. However, Harvard never needed Kleinfelder's special plays, designed to pull the Bruins out of position, as Brown switched to a man-to-man defense in an attempt to slow the game's tempo.

The stickwomen saw the familiar man-to-man defense and quickly found all the holes they needed. Sue St. Louis opened the attack's barrage in the second half by pushing a goal by the unimpressive Bruin netminder.


Midway through the second half, the defense got a hand in on the game's sharpest goal. The ball came out to defense wing Anne Velie, who passed it to Chris Sailer at coverpoint. Sailer then jetted a perfect pass to Lisa Kent, who slung the ball in for a tally.

Thirdman Stefi Baum stood out once again, leading the Crimson defense. Baum's opponent was never in the game, as she often found herself completely cut off from play by Baum's keen positioning.

"Stefi Baum is the player who is always there," Kleinfelder said yesterday. "You can always be sure that she will get the job done."

Goalie Charlotte Worsley did not get much business at her end of the field, but the capable freshman rose to the occasion when the Bruins attempted their shots. Worsley picked off four shots, all of which were fired in by players who managed--in a rare moment--to lose the Crimson defense.

"We had a bone to pick after a tough loss against Brown last year," captain Cynthia Jensen said. "The definition of the word 'win' doesn't begin to describe what we did to Brown on Saturday," Jensen added.

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