HSA in Union

The Freshman Dean's Office, along with Harvard Student Agencies (HSA), is considering starting a student-run management agency to coordinate activities in the renovated Freshman Union, Henry C. Moses, dean of freshmen, said yesterday.

The agency would also start an oncampus information service, possibly sell tickets to functions in Boston, and expand the candy stand in the Union to include many small retail items. Moses added.

"We hope to have a self-supporting, student-run agency which would keep tabs on the new activities in the Union, make some new services available for freshmen, and provide more student jobs," Moses said.


Dan A. Del Vecchio, general manager of HSA, said yesterday that HSA would run the daily operation of the management agency from noon until dinner, five days a week, under the supervision of the Freshman Dean's Office.


Our purpose is not to make a large profit," Del Vecchio said, adding "We simply want to provide a cohesive service for students using the facility."