Author of 'Harvard Mystique' Plans to Give Gen Ed Course

Enrique H. Lopez, author of the recently-released "The Harvard Mystique," will teach the first General Education course on the development of Hispanic communities in America, Harvard officials confirmed yesterday.

New Position

Lopez has been appointed to an annual position and will teach Social Sciences 175, "Social Development of Chicanos, Puerto Ricans and Cubans in the United States," Edward T. Wilcox, director of General Education, said yesterday.

Lopez, who says he is a "writer and a lecturer," said this week he looks forward to returning to Harvard. Last year he offered an Institute of Politics seminar on Chicano political development.



Wilcox said yesterday that a group of students had expressed an interest in having such a course offered on Hispanic development. "Everyone always tells such student groups to go out and find someone who can teach it," he said, adding that the group chose Lopez, who agreed to teach the course.

No Home

That kind of course doesn't belong in a department," Wilcox said. The students approached the General Education office, which accepted the idea, he added.

Lopez, who says he is the first Chicano graduate of the Law School, practiced law in Los Angeles, Calif. for a time before returning to Cambridge to work as a writer.

Wide Range

His books cover a wide variety of topics, including a biography of former President Lyndon B. Johnson (written with Johnson's brother) and "Afro-6," a novel about street life in New York City.

"The Harvard Mystique," examines Harvard graduates and their impact on national and international affairs. Prentice-Hall will release Lopez' latest work--"Eros and Ethos: A Comparative Study of Catholic, Jewish and Protestant Sex Behavior"--in the near future.