France Denies Bokassa Refuge; Ruler Flees to Ivory Coast

ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast--The Ivory Coast government yesterday granted asylum to Jean Bedel Bokassa, deposed ruler of the Central African Republic. Bokassa, ousted last Thursday in a bloodless coup, flew to the Ivory Coast after France denied him refuge from the new Central African Republican government.

Bokassa's successor, President David Dacko, immediately announced that he would demand Bokassa's extradition. Under treaties with the Ivory Coast, the extradition "should not pose any problems," Dacko added.

Bokassa is already condemned to death in the Central African Republic.

Out Of Place

France denied Bokassa's asylum because his presence in France was "importune," a government official said yesterday. French newspapers criticized the government's indecision during the 56 hours Bokassa waited in his private jet at a military base outside of Paris.


The ruling Ivory Coast Democratic Party asked President Houphouet-Boigny to grant Bokassa asylum for "humanitarian reasons." Houphouet-Boigny agreed to this request in telephone calls from Bokassa's wife, Catherine, on behalf of her children.