Rocker Shows Film Program On New Wave

"New wave music is the energy and anguish of youth expressed through the vehicle of rock and roll artistry," the new wave composer of the score of the movie "Eraserhead," told a large Currier House audience last night.

Peter Ivers, a self-proclaimed "bodhisattva of new wave music," said bands must be unruly, antagonistic, and non-conformist to protect their artistic integrity.

A crowd of about 100 people jammed into the Currier House Senior Common Room for the second night to see new wave videotaped commercials, film excerpts, and television shows. The program, narrated by Ivers, contained works by Gary Neuman, Devo, and many other bands.

Devo is the first group that was paid to produce "a sophisticated, artistic film that contains important social and political commentary," Ivers said. He added that the mentality typified by Devo's music would greatly affect all forms of entertainment.

Ivers modeled many new wave fashions, saying, "The key to the clothes is feeling comfortable."


A sunbonnet and dark glasses represents "the Miami Beach Look," Ivers said, adding it is definitely "the look of the future."

Ivers especially praised the "sophisticated musicianship" of Devo, the Castration Squad. Surf Punks, and Hollywood Trash.