Frozen Yogurt Store Closes After 9 Years

The self-proclaimed birthplace of frozen yogurt, the Spa of Harvard Square, closed last week after the store's landlord alledgedly refused to renew the restaurant's lease.

The Spa's owner, who established the store in 1971, "didn't want to leave" the Square but was not able to renew his lease, an area salesman and personal friend of the Spa owner, who asked not to be identified, said yesterday.

Both the owner of The Spa and the building's landlord were unavailable for comment yesterday.

Most Businessmen in the area said yesterday the store's closing came as a surprise, but some said the store's profits have declined in recent years. "The fad is over on yogurt," Sam Citron, manager of the Baskin-Robbins outlet in Harvard Square, said yesterday, adding, "I know yogurt sales are off all over."