Happy Anniversary, McCurdy

Thirty-Six Long Years

Thirty-six years ago today, Harvard track coach Bill McCurdy got married in a Baptist Church in Lexington, Virginia. "Since then I've never been in church--I guess that taught me a lesson," McCurdy said yesterday.

Yes, Virginia

McCurdy met his wife-to-be at a dance in Virginia when he was stationed there during World War II, before he went overseas.

"Someone was giving a dance to cheer up the brave boys who were going to save the country--which I did. And there I was, 3000 miles away from my home in California just like a sitting duck," McCurdy said.

Over the 36 years, McCurdy and his wife have accumulated two daughters, three sons and three grandchildren. Still, he said it seemed like only yesterday that he tied the connuptial knot around his neck.


Still Swooning

"My wife still swoons when she sees me, and I still order her around--just as a man should, McCurdy said.

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