Unavailable Escorts


To the Editors of the Crimson:

In light of the recent crimes on campus, I think that it is important to let the University community know that the escort service is unavailable between midnight and 1 a.m. This is because the car (although there should be two running) goes to the Medical School at midnight.

I am very annoyed and disturbed about this, because during that hour there are only two shuttle buses to Dunster/Mather, 40 minutes apart. The fact that the libraries are closed makes it hard to find groups of people walking back after midnight. To add to all this mess, some of the dispatchers at the police station don't know about the escort car's Medical School trip and have told me to wait five minutes for a car which can't possibly come for over an hour.

I think it essential that the various parts of the security network work together. If there is no escort car, then there should be a shiuttle bus every 15 minutes. I can't understand why the cost of publicizing new schedules should prevent the University from having a well designed security system. If need be, schedules can be painted on the metal stop signs and put on large posters all over the campus. The main issue should be preventing crime, not whether a schedule can be changed in the middle of a year. Rebekah Zucherman '82


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