Aquamen Fall to Rams, Dunk Hamilton

In Two Bouts at MIT Tourney

The Harvard water polo team split two weekend games in a tournament at MIT, suffering a 15-5 rout at the hands of Fordham on Friday night and then returning to crush Hamilton College, 18-3, on Saturday, to move the team record to 5-4.

Fordham, ranked tenth in the nation last year and a 12-2 victor over the Crimson earlier this season, clearly dominated play after an even first quarter.

By the end of the second stanza, the Rams had swum to a 7-2 lead and looked ready for a blow-out. Harvard hung tough, but couldn't put together a sustained comeback in the second half.

Although the Crimson more than doubled its scoring output against Fordham, one player said Harvard preferred the game "be forgotten."

Friday Night Live

As in the Friday night contest, the aquamen knew the quality of their opponent before getting into the water. In this case, the scouting report called for Harvard superiority, and the Crimson immediately proved the scouts right.

The starting team for the aquamen stayed in for only the first quarter and a few minutes of the second, and, by the time it left, the score was already a lopsided 7-0.

Harvard played its entire team, with ten players registering in the scoring column--almost the entire team. Hamilton collected all of its tallies in the first half.

"The weekend would have amounted to more if we had played teams like Yale and Army." Harvard's Rick Rausenbusch said yesterday. "Since they are of about the same caliber (as Harvard). Fordham is simply too good for us right now, and Hamilton is not good enough."