On the Stump


To the Editors of the Crimson:

As former members of Harvard-Radcliffe Students for Kennedy, we would like to take exception to an article which appeared in the October 4th issue of the Crimson. the article states that "all but one of the Senator's top Harvard student aides are now working for the President." This is not the case. At the present time, none of us are involved in the Carter campaign.

On the other hand, we are not working for the campaign of John Anderson. This is not because, as your article suggests, we are "exhausted from the Kennedy push." In fact, many of us have worked, since the Democratic convention, on the campaigns of various progressive candidates, including Massachusetts Congressman James Shannon; Thomas Larkin, County Commissioner-elect of Middlesex County; and Alexander Bok, candidate for Massachusetts state representative.

Each of us will make an individual decision as to whom to vote for on November 4. However, we are united on these points: our continuing commitment to the principles espoused by Senator Kennedy in his campaign; our strong opposition to the candidacy of Ronald Reagan; and our general disappointment with the choices offered the American electorate this year.Jess

Jess Velona, Chairman


and members, Harvard-Radcliffe Students for Kennedy