Out-of-Town News to Move To New Quarters on Friday

The Out-of-Town News Agency will move into a newsstand on wheels Friday night to accomodate construction on the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) Red Line.

The new newsstand, just south of the original, can be moved to facilitate construction on the concrete lid over the Red Line and the extension.

The older building will eventually be demolished.

Move Across the Kiosk

Perini Construction Company will compensate the news agency for moving expenses, James Finn, operations manager for Out-of-Town, said yesterday. The move will probably take all night, he added.


Finn said the news agency's contract with the MBTA specifies that the temporary building have almost exactly the same dimensions as the old structure.

The Out-of-Town electronic message board will be moved to another building in Harvard Square while the newsstand operates in the temporary building, Finn added.

The contract between the MBTA and Perini requires that Perini eventually reconstruct the news building, a registered historic land-mark, in its original form, a spokesman at the MBTA project office said yesterday.

While the news agency is in temporary quarters, it will continue its summertime concerts on the roof, Finn said.

He added the Out-of-Town has moved before for other construction on the Red Line.