Women Hoopsters Vanquished by B.U., 88-49 Prospective Olympian Debra Miller Stands Out

Boston University came out on to the floor Saturday night chanting "Defense, defense" but it was their unstoppable offense that devastated the Crimson cagers, 88-49, at the IAB.

Harvard, fresh from three consecutive lopsided victories, wasn't prepared for a team of the calibre of B.U. The Terriers, displaying exceptional shooting and an energetic double-teaming man-to-man defense, were unbeatable.

B.U. jumped to an early lead and spent the remainder of the game widening it. The hoopster offense, pursued by Terrier double-coverage, couldn't run its usual plays, and its spotty shooting didn't help the cager cause.

The story of the night, however, was Terrier Debra Miller. Miller, a 1980 summer Olympic hopeful, stunned the Harvard crowd as she floated, faked, glided, double-pumped and tipped in deflected shots for 22 points and 22 rebounds.

Miller put on a one-woman show on defense as well, limiting Crimson powerhouse Karen Smith to a mere eight points.

As the two squads returned to the floor for the second half, the cagers had a 25 point deficit to make up. Crimson coach Carol Kleinfelder, discouraged with listless Harvard rebounding, decided inferior height must have been the cause and started her five tallest players. Though strategically questionable, Kleinfelder's plan proved a good choice and the cagers paced B.U. bucket for bucket most of the second half.

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A renewed hoopster offense succeeded in drawing many fouls, but poor foul shooting consistently undermined their efforts. Meanwhile, Miller put on a late-game exhibition that broke the contest wide-open and secured a B.U. rout.

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"They were a good team," said Crimson forward Kim Belshe. "There weren't too many high points in this game. I guess we just didn't kick it to 'em," she added. Actually, Belshe was one of the few Harvard high points of the night.