Draft Registration Opponents Agree On Preliminary Study

Harvard anti-draft registration organizers agreed preliminarlily last night on several "principles of unity" to guide their organizing efforts.

The group of 65 organizers who gathered in the Leverett Junior Common Room also launched a two-week petition drive and scheduled an anti-draft teach-in for sometime later this month.

Although the group made no official decisions on philosophical principles, appointing instead an eight-member committee to draft final language for the proposals, a non-binding straw vote showed widespread support for the following proposed planks:

* "We are opposed to registration and the draft because they will lead to a war we oppose;"

* "We do not believe that it is worth fighting over a non-renewable resource;"


* "We oppose the return to the cold war, and the abandonment of detente and Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT);"

* "We support every people's right of self-determination. We condemn the attempt of any government to impose its will on another nation by military or any other mean."

Simple Simon

The group differed over how detailed the principles of unity should be, although most at last night's meeting agreed that more members would be attracted by an organization that downplayed complex ideology.