House Panel to Examine Registration; Hearings on Women's Role Indecisive

The House Subcommittee on Personnel will send legislation concerning the registration of women for the draft to the full Armed Services Committee today, after holding indecisive hearings yesterday on the question.

Rep. Richard C. White (D-Tex.) has indicated that subcommittee members will vote 6 to 3 against recommending any draft registration bills that include women.

Witnesses from the Carter administration, national women's groups and campus organizations yesterday testified before the subcommittee.

About half of the witnesses supported draft registration for both men and women, Kim Wincup, counsel to the subcommittee, said yesterday.



A group of women from Yale University presented the results of a campus poll that shows students favor registering both men and women for the draft.

Representatives of the Selective Service System (SSS), the Justice Department, the National Organization of Women and Women USA also testified before the nine-member panel.

It's a Long Story

Even if the Armed Services committee and the full House approved legislation asking for the registration of men and women, the House Appropriations Committee will probably not allocate the funds necessary to effect such a program.

Although some Capitol Hill observers had said the full committee would meet yesterday to vote on the bill, the committee did not hold a meeting.

When the Appropriations Committee meets, its 54 members are expected to approve either enough money to upgrade SSS facilities to undertake registration (about $4.7 million), or enough money to provide for the registration of men only (about $13.3 million).