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By Elizabeth H. Wiltshire

The Committee on Houses and Undergraduate Life (CHUL) yesterday sent to subcommittee the problem of inadequate male-female ratios among freshmen assigned to two Houses for next year.

Because of a flaw in the computer program that assigned freshmen to Houses, sophomore men and women next year will enter Currier House at a 2.8:1 ratio and Mather House at 2.6:1 ratio--both over the 2.5:1 ceiling CHUL had established.

The House Systems Subcommittee will meet today to vote on the question.

Thomas A. Dingman '67, assistant dean for housing, listed five suggestions for handling the situation:

*compel freshmen to accept reassignment to even out the ratios;

*explain the problem to freshmen and ask them to switch assignments voluntarily;

*take no action but insure the problem doesn't arise next year;

*use the transfer period this spring to improve ratios in those Houses;

*or wait until next year and set lower ceilings on Currier and Mather Houses when assigning freshmen in the Class of '84.

Dean Fox said at the meeting he would be "very reluctant to move down any road that would require a student to change a House he has already received."

But students at the meeting said they felt the administration should correct the errors to preserve the creditability of the lottery system.

The report Dingman submitted to CHUL states that "a swap of one man for one woman in Mather House and four men for four women in Currier House would rectify the problem."

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