School Committee to Send Letters Firing Teachers

The Cambridge School Committee voted yesterday afternoon to send letters to 58 school teachers and administrators informing them they will not have jobs in the city school system next year.

Superintendent William Lannon originally recommended that the 58 members be granted tenure or be reappointed to their teaching posts, but the committee decided to fire the workers, a decision that can be reversed later this summer.

The committee reversed an earlier decision to send similar letters to the entire administrative staff of the city's high school.

Under the teachers' contracts and administrators' contracts, they must be notified by today if there is a chance they will not have a job in the schools next fall or if they are guaranteed a post.

"Some of the staff may be rehired in the next few weeks as we work the budget," Mayor Francis H. Duehay '55, chairman of the school committee, said last night.


School committee sources said yesterday it is likely that at least some of the 58 teachers and administrators will eventually be rehired.

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