In Passing...


Six noted Harvard teachers and researchers died this year:

* Elizabeth Bishop, a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet and former senior lecturer in English, died of a stroke in early October. Colleagues eulogized her as one of the finest poets of her time.

* Noted for his 12-volume edition of the "Interpreters Bible" and his invitation to women to attend services at Appleton Chapel, George A. Buttrick, Plummer Professor of Christian Morals Emeritus and former minister at Memorial Church, died in late January at the age of 87.

* One of the world's most honored criminologists, Sheldon Glueck, Pound Professor of Law Emeritus, died in mid-March. Glueck spent his entire 38-year teaching career at Harvard until his retirement in 1963.

* William Gemmel, Cochran professor of Statistics Emeritus died in late March. Cochran authored the most widely used reference book in statistics.

* Many students mourned the death of Jonathan R. Grandine '68, assistant professor of English Literature, in mid-April. He was 38 years old. Grandine's carefully prepared lectures inspired many students.

* Howard Mumford Jones, Lowell Professor of Humanities Emeritus and dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences from 1934 to 1944, died in mid-May. He was renowned as one of the leading scholars of all aspects of American culture.