Winthrop House Junior Dies In Summer Helicopter Crash

Stephen N. Fagnani '82 of Armonk, N.Y. and Winthrop House was killed August 7 in a helicopter crash off the coast of Louisiana.

Fagnani was working on an oil rig 60 miles off the coast, when the helicopter dispatched to evacuate the rig for protection from Hurricane Allen went down in turbulent weather. Twelve others died in the mishap.

"It's really an empty feeling to be back at school. I still have the feeling he should be here," William Marston '82, Fagnani's roommate, said yesterday.

While at Harvard, Fagnani studied premed subjects and participated in numerous intramural sports, including football, baseball, basketball and track.



"I've never had a friend as loyal, understanding and willing to give of himself as Steve," Eli Finn '82, a friend of Fagnani's, said yesterday.

Edward Martin '82, who also roomed with Fagnani, stressed his popularity and vigor. "He met a lot of people while he was here, and he is really well remembered," he said.

Chris M. Cramer '82 referred to Fagnani as an ideal roommate and an inspiration, and Randy Marshall '82 said Fagnani had such a powerful personality that his absence is noticeable.

Memorial services are tentatively scheduled for Sunday, September 30.

Lloyd A. Permutter '82, a friend of Fagnani's, said, "He had an incredible joie de vivre. He really knew how to live, how to work, and how to strike the right balance between the two." He added, "Whatever he would have done, he definitely would've been very successful."

"Even for people at Harvard, Steve was an exceptional person," Marston, said, adding "I've never been that close with anyone. You hear about tragedy happening to others--but to have it hit home like that...."

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