Get the RCP


To the Editors of the Crimson:

In a recent Crimson, William McKibben concluded a story on radical political groups by urging his readers to understand and purchase the propaganda of the Revolutionary Communist Party. According to his argument, the RCP, unlike the KKK, looks to the future, and thus is not demonstrably evil or even incorrect in its vision of the world. This line of reasoning is not only logically flawed, but also quite distressing in its naivete. One need only consider the historical sickness of the Klan to condemn its present actions and philosophy. In the same way, the RCP may be judged by the actions of past adherents of its ideology. McKibben noted the volumes by Lenin and Stalin in the RCP offices. Although promoting an "altruistic" philosophy, these men caused far more death, persecution, and agony than the Klan ever will.

McKibben fails to realize that all groups advocating hatred and violence are to be condemned, not only those which fail to couch their arguments in the language of altruism and sacrifice. Mark A. Sauter '82