Anderson Effort Continues in Boston

Local Professors Consult With Aide

A group of local professors, including several from Harvard, met last week to discuss foreign policy issues with a chief adviser to Rep. John B. Anderson (R-III.), three days before the Independent presidential candidate visited Boston on a fund-raising tour.

The meeting--hosted last Wednesday by Richard M. Hunt, senior lecturer on Social Sciences--dealt with Anderson's "main themes in foreign policy and how to address them," Alton Frye, director of policy planning for Anderson, said last night.

No Details

Hunt, who declined to discuss details of the discussions, said topics included relations with the Soviet Union, including nuclear arms talks and the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan, the conflict between Iraq and Iran, and defense spending.

About ten professors from area colleges attended the meeting, including Bruce Mazlish, professor of history at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who along with Hunt has been coordinating academic activities on Anderson's behalf in the Boston area.



Hunt and Mazlish declined to identify the other participants, including at least one Harvard professor, who are not formally associated with the Anderson effort.

Mazlish and Frye also declined to comment on specific recommendations made at the meeting, but they and Hunt said they were disappointed with the lack of response to Anderson's most recent foreign policy speech, which he gave last week at the Council on Foreign Relations in Chicago.

An Artiste

In town for a fundraiser Saturday night at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Anderson attacked the policies of Republican candidate Ronald Reagan and President Carter and said he would continue his "National Unity Campaign."

"We have a chance, we have a legitimate, realistic chance to overtake both Reagan and Carter," Anderson said, discounting polls indicating that he had not been helped by his televised debate with Reagan a week ago Sunday.


Two Harvard professors who have expressed support for Anderson--George Cabot Lodge '50, professor of Business Administration, who was listed as An- derson's vice presidential candidate in Massachusetts before the selection of former Wisconsin Gov. Patrick J. Lucey, and Thomas C. Schelling, Littauer Professor of Political Economy--reportedly did not attend the meeting with Frye