24-Hour Shuffle


Just so you wouldn't be confused, they underlined the word "will" on the official memo announcing the immediate opening of a 24-hour study room at the Science Center yesterday.

After three days of yeses, no's, maybe's and most of all a giant "please" from students who sat-in at Lamont Library Tuesday night, the administration gave its grudging approval to a watered-down version of the protesters' demands yesterday afternoon, through an affirmative but reserved recommendation from the Faculty's security committee.

The Greenhouse Cafe will be open all day and all night, until the end of exam period, but officials said they hope that few students, and least of all upperclassmen, will venture across the wilds of Harvard Yard to use it.

Since the Science Center is already open 24 hours a day with a security guard, students pointed out that opening the study room represents no significant added expense.

Chief of University Police Saul Chafin aruged against the proposal in a closed door session of the security committee, saying it would increase the chance of crime.

Members of GUERRILLA, which organized the Lamont sit-in, said yesterday the decision vindicated their group's style of action and would encourage more active resistance to the University's bureaucracy.

As Archie C. Epps, III, dean of students, and Heather E. Cole, librarian of Lamont and Hilles libraries, answered questions past 2 a.m., students sucked quietly on lollipops provided by GUERRILLA.

One GUERRILLA member, whose impassioned plea to Epps got him to meet with student representatives Wednesday morning, explained her thinking: "I was really tired and those freshmen looked like they were ready to stay all night. I had to do something.

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