Nuclear Protestors To March Today On MIT Facility

Anti-nuclear protesters will march at 11:30 a.m. today from Harvard Square to MIT and Draper Laboratories, to protest government weapons research at both facilities.

The march will focus attention on disarmament and generate interest in a larger demonstration October 30 against Vice President George Bush's upcoming visit to MIT, Mira Brown, a member of the Honesty Party, an anti-nuclear group sponsoring the march, said yesterday.

Protesters planned the march to coincide with a major demonstration today in Bonn, West Germany, against the deployment in Europe of cruise and Pershing missiles, both of which were designed at Draper Laboratories, Brown added.

Draper Laboratories, a research facility affiliated with MIT, has been a frequent target of local anti-nuclear activists.

Today's march--which will include music and a speech by Brian F. Feigenbaum, the Honesty Party's Cambridge City Council candidate--is also being sponsored by the Boston Clamshell Alliance, the Anti-War League and Mobilization for Survival.


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