Salary Fight

COLLEGE PARK, Md.--Faculty at the University of Maryland at College Park, dissatisfied with their low salaries, are falsely reporting competitive teaching offers from other institutions in an effort to get pay raises from a special $500,000 recruitment and retention fund.

Some faculty members "are dreaming up outside offers" because they think their salaries have "been neglected" and because fabricating stories of other teaching offers is "the only way to get a substantial response from the university," Jean Grambs, faculty council chairman, said.

Forty-three faculty members left the campus last year, and over half accepted average salary increases of $10,000, Robert Gluckstern, chancellor of the university, said last month.

This year faculty salaries rose by an average of 2 percent, and Marc Leone, chapter president of the American Association of University Professors, said the campus will continue to lose more faculty because of low salary increases.

But John Toll, president of the university, said the $3 million slated for merit salary increases in 1983, and the $1 million in the faculty recruitment and retention fund will boost faculty salaries.


"Every year I've been here my top priority has been faculty salaries," he said.

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