Two Iranian Students Face Deportation Hearing

LAWRENCE, KAN.--Two Iranian students charged with disorderly conduct and battery in connection with a fight between two rival Iranian student factions will face deportation hearings later this month.

The students, who were arrested September 28 for a fight that had occured two weeks earlier, may not have maintained their imigration status, George Geil, Kansas City district director of the Immigration and Nationalization Service, said last week.

"I don't believe either is enrolled in 12 credit hours"--a requirement for alien students to remain in the country--Geil added.

The two men, Amir Zekrgoo, age 24 and Siazash Khagavi, age 26--who have paid their bonds of $1500--were arrested after an intensive investigation into the fight that involved a pro-Khomeini group breaking into a meeting of anti-Khomeini students. Ashtrays, coffee pots and chairs were thrown and one student was injured, KU police said.

Since the arrests, three other students have turned themselves in, admitting involvement in the fight.


The KU vice chancellor for student affairs said the Iranian Student Association (ISA), the anti-Khomeini group that held the meeting, must pay $100 for the damages to the Union, where the clash occurred.

To avoid future violence between the two factions the university has created a policy stating that they must register open meetings 72 hours in advance and discuss meeting arrangements with university officials.

The University will not take any action against the accused students until the matter is resolved in court.

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