Quincy Tops South; Dunster Advances

Quincy House and Dunster-Mather are both riding high, and next week they'll tangle with each other to determine who's higher.

South House and a surprisingly impotent Kirkland bowed to Q-World, 14-6, and Dunster Mather 12-8, respectively, in the House football semi-final rounds, held yesterday behind the Stadium. The winners of the two contests qualified for participation in next Tuesday's title match.

Quincy rode the offensive ability and defensive agility of big, bad Bob Maddox. His performance was, as one spectator put it, "Awesome." On the day, Maddox scored two touchdowns and snagged two interceptions.

Quincy posted points on the scoreboard first when Maddox glided in front of a SoHo receiver, intercepted a Joe Auteri pass, and returned the ball 40 yards for a touchdown. Minutes later, in the second quarter, Maddox--at halfback--capped off a 53-yard drive on a touchdown gallop from the five. Having dominated play for the entire first half, Q-World walked off the gridiron with a 14-0 lead.

"The only goal I had coming into this contest," said a modest Maddox, "was not to fumble. I did so well because the blocking was excellent and the linemen left me big holes."


Quincy coach Steve Nicholas said after the game, "Maddox was the key to our game. We'd give him the game ball if we had an extra one."

But South House didn't crumble. SoHo halfback Andy Stoebner scored his team's only six-pointer on a six-yard run culminating a 70-yard drive which used all of the time in the third quarter. The extra point conversion failed and the SoHo eleven were unable to manufacture another productive march for the remainder of the game.

On the neighboring field, Dunster-Mather dominated the contest, controlling the ball, picking holes in the Kirkland secondary, and coming away with a surprisingly easy, 12-8 win. "We couldn't get our running game going and we couldn't stop their pass," Kirkland House coach Pablo Smith said.

For the psyched Dunster-Mather squad, pride was at stake. "We're from Dunster, the nerd house," quarterback Keith Douds said. "They weren't taking us seriously. They didn't even know our names. Maybe now they'll respect us."

Douds earned that respect with an outstanding individual performance. The Dunster senior connected deep to set up one touchdown and to score another.

Mark Rosen, as usual, caught most of Doud's tosses, including a 22-yard touchdown connection which made the score 12-0 at the end of the third quarter. On the third and ten, the Kirkland linebackers blitzed, a move which has been the key to the K-House defense all season. Douds dropped back and lofted the ball to Rosen, who followed his blockers down the right sideline.

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