Anti-Draft Groups Demonstrate Against Continued Registration

Local anti-draft groups restated their commitment to ending registration and called for more political involvement to counter it as well as U.S. intervention in Central America on Saturday at a rally at Government Center in Boston.

Speakers and about 75 demonstrators applauded the Justice Department's decision to stop preparing cases against some of the 800,000 men who have not registered for the draft, but called for more demonstrations in the next few weeks.

President Reagan, who sharply criticized peacetime draft registration during his campaign, is expected to decided whether or not to continue it within the next month.

Draft Dodger

Scott Aaseng, a student at St. Olaf's College in Northfield, Minn., the only person actually to be threatened with indictment, sant a message to the demonstration which called the draft "un-Christian" and urged "everyone to support non-registration."

"It is very important that we make our feelings known now" before Reagan makes up his mind, Lesley Cugor, a spokesman for the Mobilization for Survival, one of several local anti-draft groups which sponsored Saturday's demonstration, said.

"I am going to support any draft resister anywhere that this country is going to try to lock up for being for peace," Gregory Ward, himself a non-registrant, told the demonstration.

James M. Hardy, a speaker, charged the United States with supporting "in-stitutionalized terrorism" in Latin America and said that except for "Nicaragua and Panama, Central America has become one huge con-centration camp."

"We have to deal with the power in this country because the problems in Central America originate in this country," Hardy said.

"It looks like things are starting up again, there are going to have to be a lot more demonstrations," Daniel Gindes a speaker from the Anti-War Organizing Leauge said Saturday.

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