Currier Will Celebrate Tenth Birthday

Music, Art, Seminars, Dance

With music, art, seminars, dance, and an abundance of food. Currier House will celebrate its 10th anniversary next week.

The calendar of events will acquaint House residents with Currier's tradition of "excellence through diversity." Lenore C. Frazier, co-master of Currier House, who initiated the anniversary celebrations, said yesterday.

John D. Barnwell, resident tutor in Physics, who is arranging the celebration, said Currier's diversity is outstanding because House residents "have dealt with many issues Harvard met in the 1970s," including coeducation and an increasing number of Black and Third World students--issues to be discussed at anniversary seminars next week.

Graduates of Currier House and former masters, tutors and Radcliffe officials will return to "swap stories" and examine the history of Currier in a presentation from the Radcliffe College Archive, Frazier said.

Speak, Memory


Matina S. Horner and Mary I. Bunting, respectively, present and past presidents of Radcliffe College, and the founders, former masters and affiliates of the House will record an oral history for the archive. Frazier said, adding that present residents will also document Currier's history in the 1980s by contributing photographs and writings about life at the House and a record of the week's events.

"The celebration will be very good for the spirit of the hourse," Alan A. Khazei '83, president of the House Committee, said yesterday.

One student had doubts about the number of events he could attend in a heavy schedule of more than 30 events in eight days: "I'll go to the ice cream bash, but after that I don't know."

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