Princeton Debates Tenure Process

PRINCETON. N.J.--Princeton University's faculty this week heatedly debated several proposals to alter tenure and hiring procedures which allegedly discriminate against women.

The faculty debate centered on possible changes in the composition of the Committee on Appointments and Advancements, the final court of appeal for all tenure decisions at Princeton.

Proposal Wins Support

A moderate proposal that won support from top administrators would add two senior professors to the voting membership of the committee, which now contains three professors, the president, the provost, the dean of the faculty, and the dean of the graduate school.

A controversial alternative proposal by the faculty's Ad Hoc Committee on Women and Discrimination in Employment, however, would replace the committee on appointments with a panel of eight professors and would exclude the president, provost and deans from its decisions.

The faculty will discuss both proposals this month at departmental meetings and will vote on the recommended changes in Mav.