The Rites of Band


To the Editors of The Crimson:

I would like to call your attention to the fact that I was misrepresented in Peter Kolodziej's May 4th article: "Harvard Band Members Defend Their Halftime Humor Shows."

The article was based on the incorrect assumption that the Harvard Band had been warned by the Council of Ivy Group Presidents that halftime shows would be censored by the administration were they not appropriately censored by the Band itself. The Band has not been warned; and, contrary to Mr. Kolodziej's claims, I have had neither the opportunity nor the inclination to "dismiss" any warnings the council may have issued.

Furthermore, "This sort of thing happens every five years or so" as quoted in the article was in fact the end of my actual statement: "I hear this sort of thing happens every five years or so." It was a reference to a rumor rather than a dismissal of a warning, a distinction which responsible reporting should have made. It was also inappropriate for Kolodziej to quote me in this context at all because, as I explained to him at the time, as manager I am not directly responsible for the production of halftime shows. Marcia Ann Ellard   H.U.B. Manager