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To The Editors of The Crimson:

Harvard Summer Times reporter Bill Allison, posing as one "Bill Foxe" attended the Spartacus Youth League's summer study class on basic Marxism. He authored an article falsely charging that we Trotskyists advocate violence, and his publication did not print the following reply.

Regarding the Summer Times "Spartacists Struggle for Utopia":

You stupid people, did you ever look at bodies, shot, knifed, burned, ripped--that is violence. Maybe General Haig and the like get social and sexual excitement out of the seepages of a ruined human body, i.e. violence. We don't.

Wherever you use the work violence, we violently object. You are being fundamentally false, for we long for, and seek most earnestly, the most peaceful and easy fundamental and decisive social change possible in this country and this world. Strike violent! Strike violent and then we can discuss what we really mean. Oddly enough, we think that the goal of a socialist society is a very large number of people living very contentedly into advanced old age, condition which in this world now is hardly the case, be it in America or Bangladesh.

And by people, we mean all people--these that are currently deeply reactionary, those that are currently deeply progressive. We want a society in which every baby that comes out of its mother's womb has a chance for a full, rich, long life, without exception. --The Spartacus Youth League

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