NEW HAVEN, Conn.-ROTC, which has kept a low profile at Yale in recent years. slipped into extinction recently with the resignation of its last participant. Matt Hayes, a sophomore, the Yale Daily News reported last week

The program is not closed down, but the Army has made it so inconvenient it's absurd," campus ROTC advisor John Zornig said. Zornig, an associate professor of electrical engineering, serves as a major in the Army Reserve.

During the period of conscription in the postwar era, half the students at Yale were in ROTC, Zornig added. He said "The Army's image of Yale is not good. They're not recruiting [at Yale]," adding that, they think "what you get are bugouts."

One Yale senior last year refused to go to an ROTC summer session, though legally obliged to do so, Zornig said.

It was the second such case of a student at Yale taking scholarship money and then refusing to serve. Because of the cost involved, the student will probably not be prosecuted, added Zornig.