K-School and White House Sign Seminar Agreement

The Kennedy School of Government and the White House have officials signed an $85,000 contract calling for the K School to conduct public management seminars for senior Regain Administration officials K School spokesmen said yesterday

The White House gave final approvals to the agreement while K School faculty and administrators oversaw the first session in Washington last weekend. Last week contract was an expected formality and is reported to be the first university White House agreement of the kind

Three faculty members led 30 Administration sub Cabinet officials through case studies of automobile safety legislation the Food Stamp program, and the planning of the park Plaza Hotel in Boston. The K-School is developing other "real life" examples of state and federal policy problems to use in forth-coming seminars.

The remaining five seminars will be held over a 14-month period, Assistant Dean Peter Zimmerinan, coordinator of last week's event said yesterday

Mark H Moore, Guggenheim Professor of Criminal Justice and faculty coordinator for the program. Robert B Reich, Lecturer in Public Policy, and Joseph L Bauer, Professor of Business Administration, led the seminar. Other faculty will rotate throughout the next five sessions, Moore said.


Moore taught at a scaled-down, pilot seminar Last January. Twenty-five senior officials from assorted cabinet offices attended the point program and subsequently gave it high marks. The White House then began to negotiate the current deal with the K-School.

Moore said the opening session "seemed to be well received" by the Reagan Administration officials