Police Blotter

The latest University police statistics, released for the week ending January 23, show that since July 1, there have been no homicides, one rape, no sexual assaults, 22 assaults, 10 robberies, 231 thefts of more than $103 in value, 15 breaking and enterings and 127 bike thefts reported.

Police estimated the value of property stolen from February 11 to February 18 at $1964.

The following reports of crimes were taken from the University police log last week.

February 15, 4:09 p.m.--Police arrested Charles Cashman of Somerville for trespassing and breaking and entering after he not off electronic alarms at the Fogg Museum.

The 29-year-old man slipped into the building, closed for Washington's Birthday, and wandered around until he tripped the alarm.


February 15, 10:36 p.m.--A car filled with six people and travelling at an estimated 80 miles per hour nearly struck a police cruiser on Harvard St. The officer followed the car to Currier House. When he approached the car and asked for a registration, he noticed several bottles of liquor in the car.

When he asked the driver and the passengers for identification, a female juvenile jumped on his back. All six people were subsequently arrested for charges ranging from minors in possessions of alcohol to disturbing the peace.

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