Dowling Committee


To the editors of The Crimson:

My statement in yesterday's Crimson that the Dean of the College, John Fox, had intentionally formed the Dowling Committee with no minority members is not entirely true. Dean Fox agreed to the exact structure of a recommendation from the Student Assembly, Consistent with this recommendation, Dean Fox appointed one member to the Committee--Dean of Students Archie Epps. The student members to the Committee were chosen by and from the Student Assembly, CHUL. and ERG. There were no student representatives chosen by or from minority organizations.

I believe strongly that this was an error, but it was an error of omission from the recommendation of the Student Assembly--a recommendation Dean Fox approved, but not one of which he was an author. Whether Dean Fox would have approved a structure for the Dowling Committee which included representatives from minority organizations is doubtful, but entirely speculative: however, my statement that he intentionally set up the committee without such representation on his own is not true. I have been informed of my error, and apologize for any misunderstanding my statement may have caused. Lenny Mendonca '83   Constitution Convention Chairman