Friars Win; Icemen Still Not in Playoffs

Providence College beat Colgate, 7-3, at Schneider Arena in Providence last night which is bad news--but could be good news--for the Harvard hockey team.

Colgate's loss means Harvard's only chance of catching Providence (now 12-8) is if New Hampshire beats Dartmouth here Saturday night to finish 11-8-2. Since a tie is counted as half a win and half a loss in the ECAC standings, both teams would finish with the equivalent of 12-9 records, and because the Crimson beat Providence in regular-season play, Harvard would be in.

The Crimson can also make the playoffs if Colgate (10-8-1 after last night) loses to St. Lawrence in the Red Raiders' only remaining game Saturday night assuming a Crimson victory over Dartmouth.

If both Providence and Colgate lose. Harvard would knock the latter out of the playoffs and the former down to the eight spot and finish seventh, thereby meeting the number two team (Northeastern, New Hampshire or B.C.) in the first round of the playoffs rather than traveling to top-ranked Clarkson.

Now--and here comes the interesting part--St. Lawrence (11-7-1) is also within reach, and the Saints still have to play both Clarkson and Colgate. If St. Lawrence loses to Clarkson, the Crimson is assured of a berth because whatever happens in the Saints game with Colgate, somebody will fall behind the Crimson, again provided Harvard beats Dartmouth.

Of course, Harvard still has a chance to win the Ivy Division title and get the top-four playoff berth (and home ice) that comes with it. If Yale loses either of its remaining games (to Dartmouth Wednesday or Cornell Saturday) and Harvard beats Dartmouth, all of the rest of this doesen't matter.