Gay Teachers

school, requested an informal investigation of the teachers after "the possibility of that sort of thing was raised in informal discussion," he said yesterday. The investigation was dropped when Superintendent of Schools William C. Lannon found no grounds for the complaints, Kohlberg said.

Reflecting on his dispute with Mooney and Lipkin, Kohlberg said yesterday that "perhaps I was over concerned." "There was no evidenced and the issue should be dropped," he said.

In an Interview yesterday, Lipkin said that problems between students, and their gay teachers stem from the fact that "adolescents are sometimes very confused about sexuality."

He praised the city school administration for being "very supportive" to him as a gay teachers.

At the part discussion last night, two parents assessed the difficulties of discovering that a child is gay and then realizing that he may not fulfil their conventional expectations of marriage.


They said parents have a hard time reevaluating their own sexuality in light of their child's lifestyle and may worry about the child's future in a society that is extremely hostile to homosexuality.

One gay student said he is confused about his future because he perceives "a lack of role models and I can't grow up to have a wife and 2.3 kids."

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