Men and Women Track Teams Settle For Second

Dartmouth Takes First in Tri-Meet; Ezeji-Okoye Wins After Injury

Strength and endurance proved to be the keys in Saturday's tri-meet at Providence, when Dartmouth overpowered the Harvard and Brown men's track teams in the distance and throwing events and won the meet with 76 1/2 points. Despite a late surge by the Brown relay teams, Harvard took second place by one and a half points with a total of 64.

The Harvard distance corps were nowhere near full strength with Andy Gerken and Peter Jelley out with tendinitis in the knee and Bruce Weber still recovering from the same ailment. Dartmouth took advantage of the absences and swept the 5000, took second, third and fourth in the 800, and second in the 1500 to pick up 20 of its points.

The Crimson's best showings were once again in the jumping events, where the trio of Jimmy Johnson, Mark Henry and Gus Udo took first, second and third respectively in the long jump, and Henry, Udo and Shawn Hall won the first three places in the triple jump.

The most courageous performance of the afternoon, however, came from freshman Steve Ezeji-Okoye. He got off to a poor start at the beginning of the high hurdles and lost his stride trying to overcompensate. As he leapt over the eighth hurdle, struggling for the lead with Brown's Kelly Brothers, his trail foot caught on the hurdle and both Ezeji-Okoye and the hurdle went crashing to the ground.

Ezeji-Okoye lay on the ground writhing in pain and had to be helped off the track. Yet after only two minutes on the sideline to recover, he was standing at the starting line, ready to run the intermediate hurdles.


"I was upset with myself because I felt that if I hadn't hit the hurdle I could have won Brothers [the high hurdles winner] was running the intermediates and I wanted to beat him," Ezeji-Okoye explained.

Beat him he did, as well as the other hurdlers. The hobbled hurdler just grabbed the lead and held on to win by well over a second. "My heel and groin were a bit sore, but when you really get into a race you can forget about the soreness," Ezeji-Okoye said.

He added, "I would have run in the mile relay as well, but by that time we didn't have a chance at winning the meet."


High Jump--1. Joan Clarion (Brown) 1.57m, 2. Ann Kearns (B), 3. Gail Koziara (Dartmouth). 1500-meters--1. Dorian Lambelet-McClive (Cornell) 4:22.46 (new meet and Ivy League record), 2. Jenny Stricker (Harvard), 3. Debbie Schulte (Princeton). 100-meter Hurdles--1. Sari Chang (P) 14.42 (new meet and Ivy League record), 2. Sally Anderson (P), 3. Audrey Pessu (C) 14.89. Long Jump--1. Sari Chang (P) 5.76 (meet record), 2. Betty Newsam (P), 3. Julie Dzik (C).

5000-meters--1. Riva Genso (Penn) 17:01.99, 2. Margaret Wynne (Yale), 3. Yionka-Wills (Barnard). 3200-meter Relay--1. Harvard (Herlihy Stricker Barrett, Beckford) 9:20.86, 2. Princeton, 3. Penn. 10,000-meters--1. Kate Wiley (H) 35:56.44, 2. Gilian Morton (Y), 3. Judy Damore (Penn). 400-meter Relay--1. Princeton 48:30, 2. Yale, 3. Cornell. Shot Put--1. Gail Koziara (D) 14.14m (meet record), 2. Marie Acacia (H), 3. Kim Johnson (H). Heptathlon--1. Mariquita Patterson (H) 4646 points (meet record), 2. Kate Delhagen (P), 3. Colette Fleming (Penn). 800-meters--1. Monica Egbuono (P) 2:13, 1:2. Mary Herkhy (H), 3. Mary Turner (Penn).

400-meter Hurdles--1. Saily Anderson (P) 1:01.86, 2. Dorian Lambelet-McClive (Cornell), 3. Erin Slisbury (P) . 400-meter--1. Betty Newsam (P) 56.2:2 Cheryl Bascomb (D), 3. Joan Phengloor (Penn). 100 meters--1. Pat Melton (Y) 12:21, 2. Jane Bennet (P), 3. Moya Forbes (Y). Discus--1. Gail Koziara (D) 40.28m (new meet Ivy and Memorial Field record), 2. Elizabeth Rich (Penn), 3. Mary Macienczyck (P). 200-meter--1. Pat Melton (Y) 25.09, 2. Moya Forbes (Y), 3. Jane Bennet (P). 3000-meters--1. Paula Newnham (H) 9:43.4, 2. Debbie Schulte (P), 3. Darlene Beckford (H). 1600-meter Relay--1. Princeton 3:51.88, 2. Yale, 3. Penn.

Dartmouth 76 1/2, Harvard 64, Brown 62 1/2

Hammer--1. robinson (B) 52.24m:2. Jurkoic (D); 3. Quintero (H). Pole Vault--1. Light (D) 15-ft. 5-in; 2. Beavers (B); 3. Randall (H). Long Jump--1. Johnson (H), 6.68m; 2. Henry (H); 3. Udo (H). Triple jump--1. Henry (H) 14.50m; 2. Udo (H), 3. Hall (H). javelin--1. Cooper (D) 60.77m; 2. Fox (D). 3. Bower (H). Shot Put--1. Bpgdonovich (B) 15.82m; 2. Pet (D): 3. Jones (D). High Jump--Keefe (D) 6-ft 6-in; 2. Van Zandt (D) and Wirth (B).

4 x 100m Relay--1. Brown 41.6; 2. Harvard; 3. Dartmouth. Discus--1. Pel (D) 47.83m; 2. Schuler (H); 3. Robinson (B). Steeple Chase--1. Regan (H) 9:26.2; 2. Fadil (D); 3. Cairns (D) 1500 meters--1 Schuler (H) 3:53.5; 2. Young (D); 3. Midlo (H). 100 meters--1. Stephens (B). 10.6. 2 Carter (B); 3. Hudson (H) 110-meter Hurdles--1. Brothers (B) 14.8, 2. Ferguson (D). 3. Harshbarger (B)

800meter--1. Bunney (H) 1.53.2, 2 O'Neal (D); 3. Fenn (D). 400-meter Hurdles--1 Okoye (H) 54.2; 2. Harshbarger (B); 3. Ferguson (D) 200-meters--1. Carter (B) 22.0; 2. Stephens (B); 3. Midlo (H) 5000 meters--1. Hampton (D) 14.35.9, 2. McEvoy (D); 3. Sapienza (D). 4 x 400 meter Relay--1. Brown 3.19.4, 2. Dartmouth. 3. Harvard.