Crimson Charges Professor With Religious Discrimination

The Harvard Crimson yesterday liked a format complaint with the University, changing S. Allen Counter, director of Harvard's Foundation for race relations, with religious discrimination.

The complaint states that Counter told Crimson editor Michael F.P. Dorning '85 and telephone interview Friday. "You're a liar, You and some militant Jew wrote a story about us housing the PLO [Palestine Liberation Organization]."


The story referred to by Counter quoted an organizer of an upcoming Law School conference as saying that the Foundation would at range housing for panel speakers.

Counter twice refused to comment on the story as it was being written, the complaint states.


"We've been interested in getting information from Professor Counter on his work with the Foundation and the challenges that group faces." Crimson President Paul M. Batten '83 said yesterday. "It's a shame that we've had so many problems chicaning his comments and opinions."

Counter could not be reached for comment yesterday.

Dean of the College John B. Roy Jr. '59 said yesterday that he had not had a chance to consider the complaint.

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