One Just Isn't Enough Harvard Okays 'Expos 2'

Some people like halibut cheese casserole. Other people like Expos.

If you're among the latter the Faculty has a pleasant surprise for you, Next fall, Harvard will unveil Expository Writing 2-the intensive writing elective for upperclassmen for whom Expos just wasn't enough.

Taught by Expository Writing program director Richard Marius and preceptor Jonathan Aaron Expos 2-which Marry says will probably be dubbed "Intermediate Rhetoric"-will require its 40 students to submit a page of writing a day for 12 weeks. Uhhuh-that's 60-plus pages of writing during the term.

And that's not all Expos 2 enrollee-upperclassmen whom Marius says he will select at random from applicants-will be expected to attend weekly hour-long solo conferences with Marius or Aaron in addition to regular lectures. "It will be an enormous amount of work for every one concerned," Marius notes.



The standing committee on expository writing approved the first ever offering this winter after an anonymous donor gave the University some $40,000 to fund the course on a trial run basis for each of two years.

And, says Marius "from the pressure we've had on us" in the past from students eager for more Expos," I expect we'll have more than 40 applicants," I really expect a big demand for it," he adds.