Hoffman Protests


To the Editors of The Crimson:

I resent your headline "Suburban' Abbie Hoffman Encourages Civil Disobedience" (6/29/82). I live in a town called Fineview, population 87, with an unemployment rate of 9.8 percent in the summer and 60.5 percent in the winter. It is scarcely suburbia!

We are fighting a major war to keep nuclear waste transports from Canada from crossing the 1000 Islands Bridge on route to the Aiken, Ga. "Bomb Plant" I scarcely recall "verbal abuse" at the Miller's Court Forum and bomb threats have been routine for 22 years for me. I never requested protection by the Harvard or Mass. Police nor was it needed I hope to return soon to Harvard and my native state. Those who watch the show this fall will have no doubt who won the debate, Stop encouraging cynicism.' Abbie Hoffman   Fineview. N.Y.

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