Off-Campus Fun

Where to Eat, Drink and See a Movie

IMPORTANT LAST MINUTE INPORMATION: You are signed up for at least a semester in sunny Cambridge. Mass. If you had intended to pass the time in New Haven, Providence's or Ithaca, get on the telephone in adequately. If you're already lurking in the Square, waiting to get the good bed, trains leave regularly from South Station.

This article is intended solely for the use of those who will be tooling around in what has frequently been called. "The Ultimate College Town. "Your parents paid a lot of money so you could pay a lot of money for over-priced cocktails and listen to New Wave music this fall. Read the following and make the scene.


The food here is line It's the trays food on a tray whether at Harvard or elsewhere, inevitably tastes like over-bolted potatoes or reconstituted scrambled eggs. Sometimes it tastes like halibut cheese casserole, and that when it's time to head for the exit.

If near the exit there's a long black car with your initials on the license plates, you may want to instruct Charles to zip you over to Ferdinand's (121 Mt. Auburn St.) or the Harvest (44 Brattle St.), two of the city's more prominent $30 per person eateries. Beware of the stampeding Brahmins and scheming Harvard administrators, both of whom turn up at these spots for lunch.

When the folks visit and demand to "see the sights" you may want to give their credit card a little workout at one of the more exorbitant

Equally tourist-clogged but less

Closer to home, reasonably priced

The Square and surrounding



You'll immediately want to acquaint yourself with various real-life Harvard student spots--those nirvanas beyond SATs and the public service, where sophisticated undergraduates gather to discuss LSATs and internships.

Cafe Pamnlona, conveniently across from

Elsie's has served River House residents ably for generations. Regretabbly, the place is entering the 21st century with high tech signs, moderately prompt service, and opperssive video games in an adjacent mini-arcade. But everyone must sample the famous TD (Turkey Deluxe), and Elsie's offers a neat breakfast for under $2. The Kennedys allegedly broke from touch football games in front of Winthrop House for snacks and chow-dah at the big E.

Celebrity customers notwithstanding, Tommy's Lunch down the block stands apart from the rest. A cultural Mecca for the Lowell-Adams House axis, the Tomster usually attracts a heady mix of preppies and offspring of third world ruling classes. Don't order anything more than a frappe or a cheesestead, and don't talk to strangers with eye patches.