Vellucci Leads the Assault

If there is a war going on between Harvard and Cambridge, Alfred E. Vellucci must be the city's commander-in-chief. The 25 year city council veteran and lifelong East Cambridge resident has built a political career by standing up to Harvard and MIT. jabbing at the two institutions with dramatic speeches in the city council chamber, always with a flair for the newsworthy quote.

The following are a few Vellucci gems from a recent interview with the mayor in his city hall of fice:

* "In 1957, I suggested that Harvard become a city in itself, just like the Vatican in Rome [President Nathan] Pusey would have become king."

* "I suggested that Harvard be forced to pay a sewe, tax, Now, whenever a Harvard student drinks a hi-ball, the University has to pay for the water."

* "The Harvard Coop gives dividends to people in the Harvard community, but regular citizens can't join.... The mayor can only listen to their complaints all year long.... but when I put my money into a tie, Harvard students get the dividend."


* "To focus attention onto the issue of lack of parking facilities. I suggested in the city council that Harvard should pave Harvard Yard and make it into a huge parking lot." "Harvard immediately moved across the bridge and created the Business School parking lot. Then they created the shuttle service." "Since we now have a picnic for senior citizens in the Yard once a year...and since that is their favorite picnic spot, any Corporation member suggesting [paving the Yard] will be burnt at the stake right in the Harvard Yard."

* "Right now, we don't have much time for the war against Harvard, because MIT is now wearing the crown of biggest plunderer of the century."