College May Alter Dining Hall Policies

The College is weighing a number of student proposals to expand dining hall service in the Houses, ranging from extend hours too more varied menus.

The student-faculty Housing Committee yesterday continued its discussions about House dining halls including proposals.

* Begin lunch at 11:45 a.m. for student with classes through the current serving hour.

* Offer tea and coffee in the dining halls throughout the day.

* Provide more vegetarian entices and some daily alternative to the two standard dices (such as a sandwich)


* Extend food service over spring break and during Commencement for seniors.

College officials are examining the anger lions, but several of the proposal may post difficulties for House dining halls food Services Director Frank Weissbecker said yesterday.

Over the past several years, dining hall managers have extended serving hours and the number of vegetarian offerings Weissbecker said, adding that further additions might be impossible given existing fall and space limitations.

But he added that food service officials are seriously examining the proposal to offer some meal service over spring vacation and a limited meal plan, probably lunch during Commencement.

Students would have to pay for such extended meal service, he added.