Water Pipe Severed, Claverly, Adams Dry for Five Hours

A water pipe collapsed during construction on Linden St. yesterday, depriving residents of Claverly Hall and Adams House of water for more than five hours.

While workers were replacing steam line tunnels, the ground beneath a tractor collapsed, and the tractor's arm slipped and tell into the tunnel, rupturing the Cambridge Water Supply pipe, said Thomas Taverna, supervisor of the construction.

Although this type of accident is common during street excavation, Taverna, said it was "not unavoidable."

Effects of the break extended beyond Claverly and Adams House entries D through 1, to all buildings on Linden steet.

Most of those affected said the water loss was a minor inconvenience compared to the ongoing noise and confusion caused by the contruction which started during spring break.

Claverly resident Deborah L. Stone '85 said yesterday that the water break was a mere drop in the bucket compared to the "horrible noise caused by the construction. "She added, "I've been forced to leave my room at eight and don't return until four when it is quiet."

The manager of the Harvard Square Barber Shop on Linden St. Anthony Christopoulous, complained that the construction has decreased the number of customers. He added that while he had no clients at the time of the interruption, the water was unusable because it was rusty.

The Delphic Club, also located on Linden St. remained unaffected because of a back up water supply, a member said.

Water was unavailable to Claverly and Adams House students between 10:45 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Most students said that they did not find the water loss troublesome since it occurred in the middle of the day.

Construction continues as usual today, Taverna said.