Three Seniors Purchase Limousine

Cadillac Fleetwood to Serve as Company Car

Opening the door to the sleek black limousine reveals an elaborate dashboard, blue velour interior, and the proud grins of seniors Marc A. Elvy, Robert E. Brown, and Alan B. Langerman, who recently purchased the 1975 Cadillac Fleetwood.

The three founding partners of Marble Associates, a computer consulting firm based in Cambridge and Washington, D.C., last week bought the limousine to serve as their company car.

Langerman said yesterday they bought the limo because it fits well with their corporate image, and will not depreciate much, although he added comfort was definitely a factor in the decision.

"It looks good to roll up like that--we accrue those valuable style points and then we can charge more money," Elvy added.

Disc Jocks


Their firm provides assistance on computer programs and writes technical manuals on software, and works on various other projects, said Langerman.

Although most of their deals are confidential, Langerman added that they have worked for both Digital Equipment Corporation and AT&T.;

The Price is Right

Neither Elvy, Langerman, nor Brown would reveal the price of the car, saying only that it was a good deal. According to a Cadillac limousine sales representative from Lenza Lime Sales in Waltham, at 1975 Fleetwood would retail for about $7500.

The three partners spend 30-40 hours a week on the business, using the car almost every day to visit clients, Langerman said.

With a 500 cubic inch, V-8 engine, the car gets about 14 miles to the gallon on the highway and 13 in the city, he said. "It guzzles gas, but it's not as bad as we had feared."

The trio now parks the car on the streets of Cambridge, but fear of damage has them looking for garage space in the area.

The car requires two parking spaces and 20 minutes a night to park, Elvy said.

The new car replaces a rental Camero that "just didn't have the same panache," he added.

They intend to keep the car and are "planning to buy at least one more to add to our fleet of stately taste," Elvy added.