Piro Mistrial Tapes Aired on Somerville TV

The bitter campaign for the Somerville state senate seat between Rep. Vincent J. Piro (D-Somerville) and write-in candidate Salvatore Albano came to a stormy head yesterday when the city's community access television station broadcast a reading of Piro's corruption trial transcripts.

The transcripts of last month's extortion trial were read by volunteer residents of the community for 90 minutes, followed by an equal time allotment for Piro.

"[The broadcast] is good for us. If we had thought of it, we would have done it ourselves," said Frank J. Borges, Albano's campaign manager.

Piro, indicted on attempted extortion and conspiracy charges, was granted a mistrial October 13, after he pleaded entrapment.

The Somerville race, decided today, may be closer than was at first expected. When Albano lost the Democratic nomination by 978 votes on September 18, Piro was left with no Republican opponent. But the trial publicity may change matters today.