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Four Corners of the Square



Although there's no Famous Rays in Harvard Square, there are enough varieties of pizza to keep even the most addicted happy. Ranging from the inexpensive snack fare to a hearty meal, the choices are almost all above average and reasonably priced.

Bel Canto (928 Mass, Ave.): Deep-dish pizza, a variety of other entrees, salad and desserts, complete with civilized atmosphere, Cafe Avventura (The Garage): The newest of the bunch, Avventura is probably also the best, Thin-crust, with a perfect tomato-cheese balance, it's widely considered the best deal in the Square. Pizzeria Regina (4-10 Holyoke ST.): Before there was Avventura, Regina's thin-crust had no competition. The downstairs dining room sports friendly booths, pitchers of beer, and a lively atmosphere. Pizzeria Uno (22 JFK St.): If you've never had deep-dish (Chicago-style)pizza, you're in for a treat. Don't let the small pies fool you: two slices are a meal and a good one at that, Pleasant, real restaurant atmosphere, with down-to-earth prices make Uno's pizza one of the most popular in the area. Pinnchio's (74 Winthrop St.). Mostly take-out, with fast service, Pinnochio's is inexpensive and that's as it should be. Three Aces (1613 Mass, Ave.): A staple of Quadlings, Three Aces offers thick crusted, cheesy pizza, no frills, Video games, too, while you wait.

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