Federal Cuts Won't Hurt Soviet Research

Short Takes

Recent federal cuts in funding for research in Soviet-bloc affairs will not adversely affect Harvard's Russian Research Center, said Associate Director Marshall I. Goldman.

A Senate subcommittee earlier this month cut funding for the Soviet and East European Research and Training Act, which was authorized by congress in 1983 to provide funds for Soviet-bloc research in the name of national security.

But since most of that money is redistributed outside the center to journals it will not cause a major financial setback, Goldman said.

Last year, the center received $83,333 from the government, of which $70,000 was earmarked to be passed on to five or six journals in the field of Soviet-East European Studies.

The money Harvard received last year was one of 10 awards given to research organizations by the State Department as a result of the of 1983 act.


An increasing source of funding for the Center is from non-governmental sources, including alumni, foundations, and coporations, he said.

The center is currently conducting $5 million fund-raising drive for endowed chairs, fellowships, seminars and library costs.