Unbeaten Penn Flies High at Yale, 23-7; Quakers Take Control of Ivy Title Race

The Bulldogs did manage to negotiate a 75-yd, scoring drive in the third quarter and even recovered a fumble on the ensuing kickoff. But Penn held on fourth-and-goal from the 11, and the food fights in the Yale stands--which had halted temporarily at signs of an Eli comeback--resumed at full force.

The most intriguing feature on Yale's side all day--save the flying food and a striptease by several male members of the band--was the Bulldogs' tag-team quarterbacking.

Three-year starter Mike Curtin started, and even managed to move into second place on the all-time Yale passing yardage list with 100 yards for the day (nine for 20, two interceptions).

But sophomore Kelly Ryan replaced Curtin early and often--as he has in every game this year--and was at the helm during Yale's aborted comeback.

Ryan--more mobile than his senior partner though a worse passer--and Curtin combined to fling a team-record 44 passes.


But without a credible running game, the Bulldog offense was helpless as the Penn linebackers and secondary sat back in deep coverage and batted away most of the on-target passes.

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